Working With Mannequin ~ The Experience

Mannequin does one thing, SPECIAL EVENTS! And to make things even more specific, 19 out of 20 shows we do will be a wedding or a destination wedding! We take these wedding events most seriously, and it’s because of our maticulous attention to detail that the entertainment on your big day will appear effortless and seamless, giving an overall “ease” and pleasantness to the flow of your timeline. We pride ourselves on our day of flexibility and performance, and we’d like to share with you some of the things that make this possible from event to event.



  1. Contract signed, deposit paid ~ We do our part to keep things green and we send you an electronic contract to be signed online… and an electronic invoice you can sign online.
  2. Logistics get done ~ You fantasize, dream and plan your perfect day while our logistics people organize equipment, talent and travel details
  3. Month Out Consultation – This consultation is held with your Mannequin Liaison, details of our role are communicated to us either via phone conference or through our on-line questionnaires.
  4. Week Out Consultation – This consultation is held with your Mannequin Liaison is and is where we catch final changes.
  5. Day of! Our point of contact goes into action and we help you attain the celebration of a lifetime!




    • Once your contract is received and your deposit processed, we will begin work on the logistics of your event. Securing the equipment and technicians needed to execute our contracted performance.
    • Travel plans will be made for the team including, when needed: flights, accommodations and/or any special road travel arrangements. Your contract might specify that you take care of this, but usually (for domestic) shows, Mannequin will include cost in the contract and take care of things ourselves.
    • Venue and planner/coordination consultations will be scheduled and our band manager’s will confirm sufficient power supply for the equipment, space requirements, load in instructions, parking, special access vehicle permits, power generators, staging/risers, outdoor cover and any other relevant equipment or location specific exceptions that need to be confirmed or arranged.
    • Special equipment, should we need something our company doesn’t have in inventory, will then be rented, reserved or arranged and any special transport required will be made.


    • Once your contract is signed and your deposit is processed, we will quietly wait as our band manager toils away. You have a lot of planning to do, and we are going to  be busy traveling and performing for our other clients. In order to keep our communication with you efficient, we will give you a list of things to consider and plan for  regarding music and entertainment (view that list here). We ask that you tend to this list in your own time and then about one month out from your event, we will reach out to you and go over these details. We call this the “Month Out” consultation.
    • The Month Out consultation can be with you or your planner/coordinator, and will allow your event liaison to learn everything necessary to schedule the days talent and performances.
    • The Week Out phone call (also can be made with you or your planner/coordinator) is our final planning stage for your event. We can make any last minute changes to your info at this time. We ask that you not add anything to the agenda like learning more songs, because it becomes impractical for us to execute with such short notice, the high standards of performance that we insist we deliver when performing newly learned songs. But changes to DJ’d music or names, etc, are easily made at this time. Also timeline changes can be communicated to your liaison at this time.


  1. On the day of your event you’ll be given the name of your Point of Contact with Mannequin’s team. This person will “run” the show for Mannequin and it is recommended that you or your planner/coordinator communicate only with this person to ensure that all instructions or changes are acted on correctly.


  1. Often, during the planning process, there are additions to the services you require. I.E. musicians added to the ceremony services or jazz musicians hired for the cocktail hour or special songs requested for us to learn. When this happens, we merely adjust the cost of the balance due to reflect additions or subtractions to the contract.
  2. This payment must be paid prior to our performance and we have three general options for you to do this:
    1. Pay in advance with check. Because checks can take a while to process, please pay by check no less than 2 weeks prior to your event.
    2. Pay in advance with a card. We will issue and electronic invoice. When paying by card, please pay no less than 2 weeks prior to your event.
    3. Pay upon the arrival of Mannequin’s Point of Contact. This payment MUST be made in cash or cashier’s check. Due to industry reports of clients “stopping payment” on checks or “disputing” charges made on credit cards, and in order to protect the income of our musicians and technicians, no checks will be accepted on the day of and NO credit cards will be processed on the day of.