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Wedding Songs – Today’s Song of the Day

Mannequin, a Denver Wedding and Event band

Mannequin, a Denver Wedding and Event band

Mannequin is a Denver based Wedding and event band that is quickly becoming the most booked, most referred band in the Midwest! In this blog, we sharing with you what we see as some of the most romantic and popular wedding songs, singing tips, flashmob proposal ideas, reception ideas and more! To learn more about Mannequin or watch videos of us, click here🙂 ~ Alan Currens

bruno mars, marry you, wedding songs for reception

Mannequin’s Song of the Day! Marry You by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars – Marry You

Our thoughts: This has to be the one of the most brilliant ideas an artist had in terms of becoming ingrained in the ceremonies of love. Marry You practically does all of the proposing for you, and in an upbeat and positive way. The uptempo beat with wedding bells in the mix sets the mood for cheerful and fun. This song has created a wave of proposal video ideas that are nothing short of addicting to watch. We’ve put one below.

Songwriter’s notes

  • Key “Marry You” is written in the key of F major.
  • Tempo ~ There’s a hasty tempo of 145 bpm, feeling of “let’s get this thing going”
  • Progression ~ moves around F, Gm, A#, F
  • Vocal range ~ Baritenor – Vocal Range: C4 to D5

Mannequin is very interested in song writing, having in the band artist who have had publishing contracts with Paramount and who have song written and recorded from coast to coast ~ and of course when we song write, weddings, marriage and love in general are at the point of our pen! We are all about love songs. We’ll be blogging our music and videos throughout 2015 and we’d love your input and feedback about our work. You are after all, as readers of our blog or Facebook page, the heart of our marketing group!

Here it is, our song of the day for the Wedding Songs series in this blog:) I hope you like it and I hope you email me more suggestions ([email protected]). I’d love to know what you think are the best wedding songs of the today or of those that are timeless ~


Song Details From Wikipedia:

“Marry You” was written by Mars, Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine, and was produced by The Smeezingtons.”Marry You” is a love song, about a couple when they go to Las Vegas, and spontaneously decide to get married. Lawrence confessed “It was more of a racy kind of idea, as opposed to this classic marriage tune it has become.” It is three minutes and fifty seconds long. The song is composed in the key of F major and is set intime signature of common time with a tempo of 145 beats per minute. Mars vocal range spans from C4 to D5.

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