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Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding Reception IdeasA Guest post by Mark Wilcox

I love music. And before the invention of streaming services, I had a very large CD collection. Which would impress my friends.

Then when I moved to iPod and I had like 2000 songs on my music player, it would impress them even more.

They would tell me “no wonder you have to have the 32gb version, you have too many songs.”

Which would shock me because I didn’t know 2000 songs was a lot. Because my father has an even bigger music collection. His was so large that when we moved to Texas from Ohio, his collection started my school’s music program. Because my Mom made him give it up because we didn’t have room to store it anymore!

And I think the last time I checked, his own iPhone had like 25,000 songs. Of all types.

And as you know, music is an important part of weddings. But at weddings, the music isn’t just for ambiance. In particular, at the reception.

Mannequin, Denver Colorado Wedding Band, Wedding Reception IdeasThe music is to get people up and dancing.

There is the traditional first dance by the couple. And of course, the father-daughter dance. Which may bring tears to everyone’s eyes. Including tough Uncle Ralph who took a bullet in the war and claims he laughed when he was shot.

But you may want to have more activities. In particular to help get the people who are shy about dancing.

Here is one idea. Use the “chicken dance.” The band or DJ announces they will do the “chicken dance” song.

But instead of waiting on the extrovert stars to naturally come forward, you make it a game.

Under each chair, use some masking tape or Post-It notes to write a number. For example 1 through 10.

Then the music MC can choose one of the numbers at random and call it out.

For example, “Number 5” is yelled. Then the people who have number 5 written on their tape all get on the dance floor. This will help get more people onto the floor and allow guests who don’t know each other an easy ice breaker.

After all, the worst they have to do is be goofy doing chicken wings for a couple of minutes.

Another option is to bring in a dance teacher. This teacher can help people who feel self-conscious about their ability to dance, to be more relaxed. Because the teacher can help show them some simple moves that will let everyone have a goMannequin, denver wedding band, amanda ray, Wedding Reception Ideasd time.

I would recommend, the teacher works on something fun and simple. For example “The Electric Slide” or perhaps even “Cotton-Eye Joe” (if you’re in Texas, this could be state law to have it at your wedding. Even if you are having a goth-themed wedding with a heavy metal band).

Weddings are not complete without music. Starting with the traditional wedding march through the first dance and then the wedding reception party. Make sure you include games to help get everyone involved on the dance floor. And if you need to, hire a teacher to come in and help make everyone comfortable.

This post, “Wedding Reception Ideas”,  is a guest post by Mark Wilcox. He’s the founder of Wedding Intro which helps brides reduce their stress by providing simple and clear wedding planning information.