Are you looking for wedding entertainment ideas? Entertainment at your wedding should be lively enough to keep things fun without being too loud or boisterous for elderly relatives. Having a few elements in place can keep the action moving without being invasive.

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Wedding Entertainment Ideas, Stanley Hotel Wedding

Wedding Bands Are Everyone’s Dream Reception!

Even if you have a live band, a DJ is a must for their breaks. This is an opportunity for special songs that are outside your band’s genre. And, it’s a chance for those who like to get up and move to classic wedding dance songs from The Electric Slide to Cotton-Eyed Joe. Guests will enjoy the variety and the continuation of the music even while the band is not around.

An Emcee

Have you ever been to a wedding and missed the cake cutting because there were too many different things going on? Make sure that everything from the first dance to the cake cutting to the toasts goes smoothly by having a wedding emcee. Your emcee can keep things in motion and make sure that no one misses a thing.

Professional Light and Sound

Wedding guests get bored and uncomfortable when they can’t hear the toast or the music quality is bad. Investing in quality sound and lights that enhance the atmosphere can make your wedding more enjoyable for everyone.

Minimize Your Stress

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Mannequin, Gilbert/Peck Wedding Reception

All of the above can sound like a lot of elements to coordinate. This is why Mannequin offers a turnkey wedding entertainment package to ensure that your wedding is enjoyable for all. From the sound and lighting to the band, emcee and DJ, the band offers it all. Put your trust in one of Colorado’s top wedding bands for extraordinary entertainment on your special day.