Wedding Decoration Ideas, Rustic Wedding


Create the Perfect Rustic Touches on Your Magical Day

A rustic wedding portrays a relaxed and beautiful setting. The rustic appeal is among the most sought after wedding decoration ideas because they can be so unique to each wedding that every idea brings a fresh, one-of-a-kind feel to your special day. Many brides love the rustic touches of wooden décor, flowers such as baby’s breath, green grass, beautiful old barns and fields of green.  Rustic weddings are trendy, and there are tons of ways to decorate both for the ceremony and reception.  DIY décor items, particularly rustic items, are easy to make and can save you lots of money from your wedding budget.  Here are some ideas for rustic décor to consider for your special day.

Rustic Touches for The Ceremony

Rustic decorative items can make quite a statement during your wedding ceremony.  Things are easy to make and can create that perfect atmosphere you’re looking for your big day.  Try these ideas:


  • You can place candles in glass holders at the end of each row, or pew with flower petals sprinkled down the sides of the path to the altar.  The materials can be purchased easily from most stores and are inexpensive and will look beautiful
  • You can use pallets as a backdrop for your marriage ceremony.  They are cheap (and sometimes free!) and can easily decorate with lots of roses or other flowers, white linens, lights, etc. for a lovely backdrop.


The Reception Area

The reception area can be full of rustic touches that are not only easy to find; they are easy to make.  Wood décor throughout can give your wedding a comfortable environment your guests will love and will highlight the scene for a fun, celebratory evening.


  • Wood signs are easy to make and can show guests where to sit or when the reception and ceremony will take place.  “Bride” and “Groom” signs can hang on the backs of the couple’s chairs.  Wood pallet signs or board signs can display a greeting, a particular quote, or even the schedule for the day.
  • Pallets also make fun photo opportunity areas.  Stacking pallets two to three high, so a backdrop is created can be a fun way for your guests to stop and take pictures.  Flags, linens, flowers, garlands and other special touches can make a lovely area for some photo fun.
  • Don’t purchase gallons of paint or stain for your rustic wood items.  A cheap, easy way is to use a coffee and vinegar mix.  Use several coats if you want your items darker.

There are many tips and tricks to create the décor and the wedding you’ve always wanted which can help save money.  Use these wedding decoration ideas and/or check out our others!! Enjoy your special day among in a fantastic atmosphere and among your family, friends, and your true love.

Wedding Decoration Ideas, Rustic Weddings

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