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Wedding Bands Colorado Offers

Are you hiring a band for your wedding? Read this blog!! Hire A Band for A Wedding It will tell you all you need to know to bet the perfect band for YOU at the best price possible!


There are so many beautiful destinations in Colorado for a wedding! The Rockies are right in Denver’s back yard with more gorgeous mountain resort towns than any other state. It’s no wonder the wedding industry thrives in Colorado. And the most popular wedding bands Colorado has to offer are truly top-teir.

Mannequin the Band is one such band and we’d like to be at the top of your list!

wedding songs, Alan Currens, Dana Wield, Kenton Kennedy, Aubrey Okuchaba, Calvin Graves, Darren Ross, Parker Murphy, Dan Gomby

Mannequin the Band (left to right) Kevin, Parker, Calvin, Aubrey, Kenton, Dana, Alan, Dan, Darren


For the real scoop on a band… look at reviews online!

Never take any band’s word for how well they can fill the bill! You should always check out the reviews from other brides who, just like you, shopped and found their band, spent the money and walked the walk! You can believe that after spending thousands of dollars on a band, they’ll be honest in their review!! Here’s a snapshot of our current status with internet reviews:) As of today (Feb 28, 2018) we have over 80 and counting… and every single one of them is a 5 Star review!!! Here are some more popular review sites ~


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Mannequin the Band, Second Line March with a Colorado Springs bride!!

Often after an exciting wedding and an exhausting honeymoon, brides don’t want to jump online and start reviewing all of the services they hired. Even when they do, it’s after a couple of weeks. It’s long after the dust has settled and nobody’s head is still spinning from the sheer excitement of the day! Yet Mannequin has over 80 5 star reviews. We couldn’t be more grateful to our amazing brides who have taken the time to do this. And to spread the word and refer us to their family and friends! We have the best brides in the world!!

The world you say? Yep! Geographically speaking, Mannequin is a Colorado wedding band, but ask about Mannequin’s ability to travel around the world. We are proud to have packed dance floors from Telluride to Hong Kong and we’re still booking…

Wedding Band Colorado Reviews for Mannequin

Pam Zola

Pam Zola – Google Reviews

“Mannequin the Band is fantastic! Live music can be so high energy and they are evidence of that. They get the entire wedding on their feet until the very end. As a wedding planner, I highly recommend them from an emcee/music standpoint as well as from a professionalism standpoint. They were exceptional to work with.”

Beth Calender

Beth Calendar – Google Reviews

“I was at a private event where Mannequin was performing, and they were incredible! It’s obvious to me as a musician that they practice meticulously so that they can perform at the highest level and turn every event into a party. Hardly anyone sits down at a Mannequin dance party! It was such a blast to let loose with my friends on a packed dance floor where everyone’s energy was so high! I highly recommend Mannequin for any event where you want your guests to wish the night would never end!”


As a wedding planner who has been in business for 14 years now, I work with a lot of bands. Mannequin Band is hands down one of our favorite bands to work with. Dana and Alan are so professional and on top of all the details throughout the planning process. It’s evident theytruly care about their clients and work really hard to make sure all the details are covered and nothing is overlooked. They are a joy to work with during the planning and on the day of the wedding they are a delight! They are on time and so professional during set up and during their performance their stage presence is top notch! Our dance floor this past weekend was packed the ENTIRE night. And at the end of the night the guests did not want to leave. If you are looking for a band who is easy to work with but phenomenal on and off the stage, look no further. I truly can’t wait for the next one with Mannequin! Heather Dwight – Calluna Events

THANKS to these brides and planners, and so many more!! Our 2017 reviews made our hearts grow three sizes:) Please go ahead now and take a minute to read our online reviews ~ And then, if you have any questions about working with Mannequin, contact us!!

I the event that you do reach out to us, or any other band, here’s a list of helpful questions you can ask to make sure we (or they) are the BEST possible fit for your big day!!!

Here are some helpful questions to ask potential bands:

  1. Are you open?
  2. Do you have experience with weddings?
  3. Will you contract the date and guarantee not to double book or take something bigger?
  4. Can we see a video of you playing?
  5. Will you provide references?
  6. Is there a full song list we can look at?
  7. Can we request songs be learned if they aren’t on your song list, and is there a charge?
  8. What is your wedding attire?
  9. What is your cost?
  10. Are there pricing options? Larger band? Smaller band?
  11. How long will you play?
  12. Are there travel expenses.
  13. What if we want more time, encores, etc?
  14. Can you play CDs on breaks?
  15. Do you bring lights and sound?
  16. Can you emcee the reception?
  17. What is your cancellation Policy?


We hope this helps, and of course we are a Denver wedding band ourselves and are happy to talk to you about playing your wedding:) All the best ~ Mannequin