Top 5 First Dance Songs

Picking a song for your first dance as husband and wife is one of the more pleasurable wedding planning decisions. Listen to meaningful music together to find the tune that expresses how you feel about one another. A few suggestions for first dance songs if you can’t decide where to start:

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Research bands and first dance songs together.

Top 5 First Dance Songs

1   Sea of Love by Phil Phillips

This classic wedding dance song is a favorite for many reasons. The words evoke a sort of paradise to share with the one that you love. And, it’s a oldie but goodie that will be familiar to most guests.

2   Love and Happiness by Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye knew romance. This soulful song expresses just the sort of romantic relationship a newlywed couple hopes for.

3   You and I by Wilco

Looking for something more contemporary? Wilco’s soulful love song is a great pick. The melody is mellow and the lyrics describe a healthy and modern relationship.

4   By Your Side by Sade

This slow, jazzy and romantic song is a favorite with brides and grooms. The lyrics speak to a lifelong commitment, and the languid tempo is perfect for those who just want a cozy slow dance together.

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5   Your own song ~ Whatever your song is as a couple 🙂

Do you and your fiancé have a song that is special to both of you? This could be the one to pick over any other. Talk to your wedding band; skilled ones are very flexible and willing to learn new songs to accommodate offbeat requests.

When you audition Denver wedding bands, make sure that the band you pick for your special day can play your first dance song. Mannequin provides all happy couples with a Skype meeting where the bride and groom can hear the band live before they commit.


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