Singing tips and tricks for live performers ~ Relax your jaw & neck

By November 15, 2014BLOG, Singing Tips

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Singing tips and tricks for live performers

Focus on your breathing & support! Relax your face! Sing into your “mask”! Placement, placement, placement! Compression! There are so many things to think about when you are singing… especially if you are like me and you are having to re-learn to sing.

After a lifetime of belting out backup vocals over poor monitors and loud instruments, screaming to hear myself, I have some serious re-programming and training to do to my body. That means A LOT to think about ~ well, one thing singers like me need to do is to learn to relax. The tension in my mechanism is a complete hindrance to the techniques I am taught, and the jaw and neck are my central stress points when I tense up! It seems like if I can relax those two parts of my mechanism… the rest of my technique (like breathe and support and placement) all begin to fall into line. Maybe you’ll have the same experience ~

Problem: A tight jaw and neck (throat)

These restrict your sound and “choke” off the true tone and timber of your voice.

Tips & Tricks

Like an athlete, you want to take the time to stretch and warm up the jaw and neck before performance. Here are some tips to help with that.

Alan Currens, Mannequin the Band

Alan Currens, Mannequin the Band

Tip A ~ Let it goooo

The easiest tip is to just stretch out that jaw by opening wide…. use your fingers on your chin to assist in the stretch or you may find that you are tensing your jaw muscles in an effort to keep the jaw open wide. Don’t tense the muscles in jaw or neck! Relax, let your fingers help and stretch out your jaw. Take about 10 to 30 seconds per stretch until you feel the difference.

Tip B ~ Massage the Jaw

Place your fingers behind your jaw line and cheeks, under to your ears. Open your mouth slowly until you sense a little bump in the jaw or feel you have stretched it out fully, then softly massage in a circular motion, the area where your fingers are. Don’t press hard, and relax. If you start to yawn, you’re doing it right 🙂

Tip C ~ Rest your neck

PLace your hands on the back of your neck and lean back your head. Support your head fully with your hands, using no neck muscles at all. Sing something softly with your head back and relaxed. You’ll feel the neck behaving in a relaxed fashion, the way it should, allowing your mechanism of voice to operate without any restriction ar

Tip D ~ Recite

Say words with the long “o” sound. Over exaggerating the stretching down of your jaw on the “o” sound. Like “Rose”.  Reading from a rhyming dictionary might help: beaus, blose, blows, bose, bro’s, chose, close, clothes, crows, doze, floes, foes, froze, glows, goes, grows, hose, joes,  knows, etc…


Try these singing tips and tricks and see if they help. I know they help me and many others like me who struggle to relax and fight off bad habits like tension in my neck and jaw.

Keep calm and sing on ~


Like this article/blog? It’s inspired by using advice I found on karaoke-version’s website. There’s a lot of great advice on the web… seen something out there that’s worked for you? I’d love to know about it and maybe put it in our blog:) Just email us to let us know.