THIS AGREEMENT is renewed anytime a musician, technician or other person (Talent) accepts an agreement of work by or for Mannequin Productions, LLC (“Employer”). .This agreement applies to any person being paid by Mannequin Productions, LLC.

WHEREAS, the Parties both intend for Employer to be considered the owner of all consequent copyright, commercial, marketing and intellectual property issues. I.E. video, photographs, audio, etc…


Failure to attend a show or engagement of work requires a minimum of 30 days’ notice.  In the event Talent cancels within 30 days of performance, Talent is required to arrange for his or her own fully qualified and trained replacement. Failure of Talent to perform or to replace one’s self without consent from Employer constitutes a breach of this agreement. If Employer cannot perform this contracted engagement as a result of Talent’s cancellation, there may be significant damage done to the Employer’s reputation and brand integrity. Also, several other persons hired may be forced to forfeit their income. In extreme cases, the cancelling Talent may be responsible for reimbursing Employer for the amount of the performance contract or any refund or client compensation due or any legal fees related to any law suit resulting from Employer’s cancellation. Exceptions to this clause might be; an act of god, a force of nature, a medical emergency, death in the family.

Payment will be as noted in invitation or by request of personnel manager.

Mannequin Productions, LLC