Policies for Subbing Musicians

This is a private page. All information on this page should be treated as confidential. Do not share this link or the contents of this page with anyone outside of the employ or affiliation of Mannequin Productions, LLC.


IMPORTANT: As a rule, Mannequin will not be using subs. But in the event of an emergency we want to have a policy in place. This is our policy for times when it is necessary and approved to employ the use of a sub.

Regarding our policies for musicians who train subs or who are themselves subbing for a musician; Mannequin operates in such a way that every engagement, interaction or performance directly effects our future business, our marketing plans and ultimately our future income as a company and as individuals. As a result we have a very high bar for professional behavior and for the use of substitute musicians, singers or crew members. Preparedness, punctuality and demeanor are all qualities we expect from our musicians and technicians.


Responsibilities of the primary musician or tech:

Training a sub.

As one of Mannequin’s primary musicians, you have established your talent, work ethic and professionalism to be above the grade and so we strive to create income and performance opportunities that will assist in your career goals, while at the same time strengthening our place in the market.

Also, as one of Mannequin’s primary musicians we expect you to be at every show. We will have allotted times each year when we try to schedule breaks so that we can all have down time or vacation.

Having said that, we know that practical and understandable exceptions will occur. In the event of illness, emergency or injury or some other understandable exception… no one knows your part or parts better than you, and so it is your responsibility to train your sub. This responsibility rest entirely on you. If your sub is not properly prepared, this may effect your day off request. If we can’t use your sub, dates in the short term may need to be covered by you. Also, if you cannot train your sub properly, we may be forced to find someone who can. Keep in mind that  your sub is a direct representation of you and so their performance is a direct reflection of  your own.

Please refer the sub to this and other policy documents (owners will also do this, but sometimes things happen last minute) to insure that they are familiar with the policies of our company.

Actual training should include: sub receiving recorded performances to listen to and play along with (These are in a shareable  dropbox and the sub can be sent the link by Alan upon request) plus, at the minimum, 2 in person rehearsals with the primary musician and the sub where you can go over the parts and transitions in detail, passing on any notes and playing any different or updated recordings you might need to play them. It is your responsibility to properly train and educate your sub. Our confidence in our musicians is largely determined by not only what they do on stage, but by what they do while not on the stage… We view training your sub as a perfect opportunity to show pride in your professionalism and reputation with Mannequin.

Finding a sub.

It is the responsibility of each band or crew member to find their own sub. It is not the responsibility of Mannequin owners or booking agencies to do this.

Since you are a musician, you’ll be more in tune with the musical education, experience and skill level required to successfully fill your shoes. Subs must be approved by MQ owners and will be held accountable to our Dress, Conduct and Gear Policies. Please send us their contact info so that we might interview and audition them or go see them in a live setting with another performance act. No one is allowed to sub for MQ unless they have been vetted and given proper documentation such as the Mannequin Productions Performer Agreement, W9 and any current policies and/or terms of working with Mannequin Productions.


Responsibilities of the substitute musician or tech:

Once vetted by MQ owners, subbing musicians are responsible for knowing everything about their job regarding live performance, dress, conduct and gear policies. Punctuality and preparedness are terms of your working with Mannequin Productions, not being prepared or punctual or not following the guidelines of our policies for Dress, Conduct and Gear, may effect your pay.