PART 3 – Wedding Music: Expert Tips to Planning Your Big Day

Wedding Music: Mannequin, The Band

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Wedding Music: Expert Tips to Planning Your Big Day

Wedding music plays many essential parts in your ceremony and reception. It can provide flow, create an ambiance, symbolize deep emotional meanings, and strengthen your wedding memories for years to come. Over the years when couples hear that special romantic song they danced to, they can reignite those feelings again and again. As a professional band, Mannequin sees what a difference live music makes compared to playing recorded music, especially if it’s planned the right way. Here are some top expert tips to planning your live music and also what to keep in mind if you choose recorded music.


Choosing a Band that Enlivens Your Festivities

Instead of relying on wedding music recordings or videos, which can be doctored and edited, the best way to choose a band is to hear them play live. If possible, attend a live function before you seal the deal. Or better yet, see if they will do a live Skype session with you.  If you’re not able to go to a live gig, and if the band won’t play live for you, it may be best to consider a different band.

Mannequin believes that it’s super important to get a genuine taste of the music quality and showmanship our clients will experience, so we make it a priority for them to see our energy and enthusiasm and hear our performance live on Skype. We are proud to say that we win clients over every time when they get to know the real Mannequin!

Contact Mannequin today to schedule your complimentary live Skype audition and see what makes Mannequin the Band so special and how we can make your wedding special, too.

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