PART 2 – Wedding Music: Expert Tips to Planning Your Big Day

Wedding Music: Mannequin, The Band

Wedding Music: Mannequin, The Band



Wedding Music: Expert Tips to Planning Your Big Day

Wedding music plays many essential parts in your ceremony and reception. It can provide flow, create an ambiance, symbolize deep emotional meanings, and strengthen your wedding memories for years to come. Over the years when couples hear that special romantic song they danced to, they can reignite those feelings again and again. As a professional band, Mannequin sees what a difference live music makes compared to playing recorded music, especially if it’s planned the right way. Here are some top expert tips to planning your live music and also what to keep in mind if you choose recorded music.


Potential Venue Music Limitations

If you’re having a ceremony in a place of worship, make sure to check with the venue before you select your live wedding music because oftentimes these places do not allow secular music and have strict rules. No matter which type of venue you choose, plan a space where your band or musicians will set up. Most importantly, make sure you choose a location where they will be heard.

If your venue is indoors, the room acoustics most likely will assist in the sound quality for your ceremony, and everyone will be able to hear the musicians without needing sound equipment. If you’re outside and have a large number of guests, your musicians will be competing with any number of outdoor noises, and you probably won’t be able to hear the musicians, only see them, especially if you only have a duo. And also keep in mind that some softer instruments are not as easily heard outdoors. One way around this would be choosing a classical guitarist with an amplifier accompanied by a flutist, especially since a flute will be better heard outdoors. If you’re hiring a band for the reception, you may be able to coordinate with them to provide the necessary sound equipment for the ceremony.