PART 1 – Wedding Music: Expert Tips to Planning Your Big Day

Wedding Music: Mannequin's Dana Wield

Wedding Music: Mannequin’s Dana Wield

Wedding Music: Expert Tips to Planning Your Big Day

Wedding music plays many essential parts in your ceremony and reception. It can provide flow, create an ambiance, symbolize deep emotional meanings, and strengthen your wedding memories for years to come. Over the years when couples hear that special romantic song they danced to, they can reignite those feelings again and again. As a professional band, Mannequin sees what a difference live music makes compared to playing recorded music, especially if it’s planned the right way. Here are some top expert tips to planning your live music and also what to keep in mind if you choose recorded music.

Planning Your Wedding Music

A typical wedding music plan for American ceremonies includes the prelude, wedding party’s processional, the bride’s processional, the interlude, the recessional, and the postlude. And after the ceremony, of course, is music for the reception with a host of other special moments, from the cake cutting to first dance and more. You’ll want to evoke a certain mood for each of these moments, so really get clear on what each of these means to you.
Couples usually opt for stringed instruments for the ceremony, from a single instrument or duo to a 10-piece orchestra. When you choose more instruments, you will have a more robust sound. The most common instrument combinations are: String Duo (two violins or violin and cello); String Trio (two violins and cello); Flute Trio (flute, violin, and cello); and String Quartet (two violins, viola, and cello). If there’s a specific instrument you want to include, like a harp or trumpet, or if want to include vocals, you’ll need to consult with an wedding music expert about how to balance these various sound tonalities. It may be worth working with what your venue already has, so if they own a piano, consider using it and hiring a pianist.



DJ vs. Live Wedding Music

Mannequin's DJ Services

Mannequin provides wedding music with DJ Services, too!

If you do choose recorded music for your ceremony, be sure to really plan it. You’ll need someone to operate how and when the music plays. Sometimes couples don’t time the music fadeouts properly, so there are patches of awkward silence. Or sometimes the songs play too long, and the bride and groom are left standing and waiting for the song to end, which detracts from the ceremony.

Having live wedding music performed by an awesome band or musicians can really jazz up the atmosphere of a wedding and make it much more memorable, especially if you choose professionals whose goal is really to connect with and energize your guests. More often than not, DJs are chosen to keep costs down, which of course is understandable. Just keep in mind the goals for your wedding. If your top priority is to create an experience that you and your guests will remember, it’s much more effective to do this using live wedding music rather than playing the Top 40.