Music Director

Pay: per gig increase in pay depending on level of expertise

Experience Required

Traits: Self driven, accountable to self and leaders of company, knowledgeable in theory, a leader personality, a diplomatic manner about them, must be non-abrasive and positive in all communications (no barking commands and being temperamental)

Description: The music director is the “producer” of the band. Creating transitions, medleys, mash ups in their spare time and bringing these ideas to Mannequin’s leaders. Ideas are approved and then brought into rehearsals or posted on the bands web page by Alan. The m.d. also plans the agenda for rehearsals, insuring that material is reviewed regularly and new material is learned. The m.d. “runs” rehearsal. Once announcements are made and rehearsal is underway, it’s the m.d. who will keep things moving and command the room. Keeping volumes down, keeping talking to a minimum and generally making sure there is order and that the rehearsal is productive. The m.d. “mixes” the band. Telling members when they need to “hold back” or “come up” with their part. Telling musicians when it’s “too busy” or “too sparse” at key moments in song. The m.d. stresses dynamics and musicianship as a group. Blending and massaging the sound until it is polished and professional.

Musician/Sub Trainer

Pay: hourly pay with cap

Experience Required

Traits: Self driven, accountable to self and leaders of company, well versed in all instruments and music theory, pleasant and positive with trainees. May be working in musicians that are more advanced and so confidence and leadership mentality is key

Description: The m.t. stays in contact with the Band Manager, Alan. When new subs are hired and need to be brought up to speed, the m.t. organizes rehearsals and prepares the new musician for success, being certain they have a current song list and access to the band’s page. Communicates with them MQ’s high standards of excellence and level of performance, stressing the positive and energetic culture of the band. And then exhibiting positive and energetic behavior when training. This sets the new musician up with an expectation of a healthy culture, allowing them to blossom into this company in the most natural and comfortable way.


Pay: $10 per hour

Traits: Good physical health, strong and with endurance for labor.

Description: Mannequin will be renovating our new school. This is manual labor and may involve moving heavy furniture, removing carpet, laying tiles, painting. Long days on weekends or early mornings on weekdays. We are flexible but expect to see productive work.