Here’s a quick run down of our policies and procedures, as well as some helpful videos to get you up and running the MQ way! We try to make things intuitive and easy, so if you have ideas to improve our communication on this page or in any other area of Mannequin, please email Dana or I or call us. We respond especially well when there’s coffee involved!

Mannequin Owners
Alan & Dana


First things First: About Mannequin

Mannequin is young, but don’t let that fool you. We are going to be the best elite entertainment option in the Americas. You are on the ground floor of something wonderful! We can’t wait to see what you personally do with your own drive and momentum and the momentum that you just have become a part of!


STOP AND UNDERSTAND Mannequin’s Non-Disclosure Agreement
By reading this and continuing, you hereby acknowledge that you will be exposed to the highest standards of rehearsal and performance. In doing so you will be informed of technology and tactics employed by the best recording and touring artist around the world. These “tricks of the trade” may not be unknown, but they are certainly rare in our level of competition and throughout the nation in bands that seek to be the best and the highest paid. Because of this, you  understand that speaking of these tactics and tools loosely to Mannequin’s competition could negatively impact the company’s business and performance goals to be the best and highest paid act in the Americas. By continuing to read you are agreeing not to disclose any information regarded as confidential in rehearsals, performance or on the list below:
  • Our lyric monitors and tech
  • Our assistance tracks and cue system
  • Our “mix” and sound policies
  • Our marketing strategies, including our online strategy, media strategy, flash mob, volunteer strategy, educational strategy, Skype auditions strategy, showcase strategy, print, radio and television strategy, entertainment strategy, client base.
  • Anything else communicated verbally as confidential
You understand that you are a part of a group, and a “brand”, and understand that this comes with a responsibility to uphold the behavioral and performance standards of that brand. To act or perform in a way detrimental to the Mannequin brand is grounds for dismissal.
Mannequin has a goal to travel the Americas, and internationally. We have a plan and parts of that plan may be discussed around you or with you. You may take pride in this and even share public details, but occasionally we’ll ask you not to mention something outside of the band, please respect that.
We respect and appreciate your professionalism and trust that by reading on, you are agreeing to the above general terms of confidentiality ~


We are a company of entertainers whose life’s work is our talent and performance ability. Here are the ingredients for our unique product.

  • ENTERTAINERS – We believe that being an entertainer is the highest status and level of achievement that a performer can attain. An entertainer doesn’t just perform… he or she “connects” with their audience whether in person, via recording or in videos… there is always a connection made. Entertainers connect with each other as well as with their crowds.
  • EACH OF US IS OUR OWN BRAND ~ and Mannequin is the collective of those brands. You are a member of Mannequin because we see in you the ability to inspire and entertain peers and audience members.
  • CHEMISTRY – We believe it is possible to fake chemistry, but not for long. So we hire the right people to ensure our chemistry is real. We protect this aspect of the company with veracity. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to behavior considered toxic to our goals.
  • ON BEING INFECTIOUS ~ Have the time of your life!!! If we aren’t having the time of our lives, we can’t expect our audience to magically have the time of their lives.
  • THE SHOW IS THE THING ~ Solid reliability, consistency and true professionalism are the cornerstones of Mannequin shows.
  • NO “OOPS WE SCREWED UP” FACES ~ mistakes are to be celebrated. When on stage, EVERYTHING is to be celebrated. Life’s short, have fun and let’s not take ourselves too seriously:)



We strive to be organized. Our band member page should help to streamline your work with us. If you ever see a way we can improve this page or our process, email or call Dana or I (and remember what I said about us responding well to coffee!)

Booking Policy

Summary of Booking Policy and Mygigs.com 

  1. Always send me your conflict dates as you get them, the sooner I have them the better for avoiding accidental double bookings for you:)
  2. Please always check out calendar before you accept a gig. Especially when the season is going… I might add gigs at any time.
  3. If you are booked with Mannequin before you have submitted a conflict, and then a conflict appears, you must honor the contract with Mannequin or contact a sub and be sure they are up to speed.
  4. If we book a date after you have submitted a conflict, it is our responsibility to arrange for a substitute player.
  5. In fairness, to protect performance chemistry and to honor time spent on stage ~ When a sub starts to perform more than the primary, we may need to consider addressing the status of the primary player. The video says “when a sub plays 3 times in a row”, but this is not a fixed rule… the rule just felt like it needed a number. Each instance will be different and addressed with fairness and respect to all musicians involved.
  6. mygigs – know how to log into your own account and recognize your bookings as well as using the calendar on the band member page of the site.


We do a lot of travel! We are family people and understand that often musicians have full time jobs and then add music performance to their already full schedules. This can take you away from loved ones. As a result our policy is that you are always welcome to bring a loved one on our overnight trips. Make a little getaway of it!!

Things to note: We don’t have a fuel budget for anyone not in the band and we only budget for the rooms of our players. Sometimes a guest will fit into the rooms we’ve booked, but most of the time it means getting a room of your own. This is handled on a case by case basis, but most of the time we can share the cost of a room with you and your spouse of loved one.

Case examples: One band member brings a guest but all band rooms are full. They can either get a cot or make arrangements with their room mate to have the guest in the room, or get a room of their own. In this case, they would pay for the room.

Two band members bring guest. In the past, the two band members have split the cost of an additional room. One band member keeps the room we booked and shares with their guest, the other takes the new room with their guest:) Couples can share a room if they agree to it, but that’s a lot of people in one room.


At all times, we respect each other professionally and personally.


LATENESS & PREPAREDNESS- Being on time and prepared is a sign of respect. While we understand traffic, or occasional life events that interfere with a members ability to arrive on time, or to properly prepare for rehearsal (learn material), we have learned that when the behavior of lateness or ill-preparedness becomes a pattern it is detrimental to progress and has a negative impact on the healthy culture MQ strives to maintain.


We behave in a respectful and professional manner. We represent our clients, our venues and our peers and we act accordingly.


The heightened level of Mannequin entertainment and our demanding travel require that we be in good physical condition. Otherwise, illness and fatigue will compromise our abilities to provide the product that we are selling.


  • Fitness suggestions and guidelines coming soon


  • Fitness suggestions and guidelines coming soon



Load In/Out – While it is true that we are musicians who value our talent and time, it’s also true that we are part of a team. One of the reasons that Mannequin bands get booked by planners and vendors is because they see that we are not just hired guns, but rather we are team players there for the good of the event. We are an asset to the event in more ways than our contracted performance. Other bands often neglect this aspect of being an entertainment group and responsible vendor, and that allows us to shine.


BEFORE YOU SET UP YOUR OWN GEAR, help load in the p.a. Always help other musicians with gear when you can.


Everyone stays in place – during sound check, we work for the sound man.



  1. Before you leave, make sure everyone is loaded and has all of their gear.


 MANNEQUIN’S RIGHTS – By accepting work with Mannnequin, you are giving Mannequin Productions, LLC all rights to images, audio and video captured for marketing and promotional use on our website or any other website or medium.