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Live Music in Denver Colorado

Live Music in Denver Colorado, wedding band, destination weddings, mannequin the band

Mannequin the Band, Destination Weddings

Are you considering live music in Denver for your wedding or event in or near Colorado? Read this blog!! Live Music in Denver Colorado has never been more rich or versatile as in this decade 2015-2025. Anyone watching the trends in town can tell you that there has been a changing of the guard and with that, a renewed interest and pride in providing quality of production and entertainment. Gone are the years of talent over charging and under-delivering in the Rocky Mountain Region! We are proud to be amongst the company of such great bands and here’s a little about them!

Live Music in Denver Colorado Ranges Greatly

From highly polished and produced luxury wedding and event acts like Mannequin the Band to rowdy and sexually charged club acts like Wash Park Band. And all points in between ~ Classic Rock giants Raising Cain, Musicality driven stage monsters like Rockslide and even the seasoned and veteran acts like Soul X, The Six Million Dollar Band or Moments Notice ~ Want Novelty, Denver’s got it! Citizen Dan is a brilliantly put together Steely Dan tribute and That Eighties Band packs more glam metal and leather into a 90 minute set than anyone!

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Mannequin the Band is exclusively private events and Galas and has been booked from Telluride to Hong Kong.


If you are seriously in the market for live music at your wedding or private event… start by looking at reviews online!

Barring a raving testimonial from a trusted friend or relative, you never want to hire a band without doing two things!

  1. See them live
  2. Research their reputation in depth

Truly great bands can be hard to see because they are in such demand that public shows are not common. These types of bands will hold private showcases, just reach out to them and they will either arrange for you to have access to a private event near you or they’ll invite you to a showcase or rehearsal. Mannequin likes to roll out the red carpet to our potential clients a few times a year. We rent a venue, provide food and drink and put on a show for planners, event coordinators, destination management companies, brides and other VIPs.

We also tend to the garden of referrals online so that references are quickly found and reviewable. Here’s a snapshot of our current status with internet reviews:) As of today (March, 2018) we have over 80 and counting… and every single one of them is a 5 Star review!!! Here are some more popular review sites ~

  • reviews (25 – 5 STAR reviews)
  • Google reviews (8 – 5 STAR reviews) just google “Mannequin the band reviews”
  • reviews (30 – 5 STAR reviews)
  • Facebook reviews (15 – 5 STAR reviews)
  • There are more with other sites, all in all totaling well over 100 reviews, all 5 star reviews to date.

Why are live music and wedding band reviews important?

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Mannequin the Band, Second Line March with a Colorado Springs bride!!

Quite often after a wedding or event, the client is exhausted and needs to get away from it.  They are tired of emails and phone calls organizing the event and go into a sort of decompression mode, understandably! Putting on an event is hard work! But this makes it difficult to get reviews sometimes and so when you read one, it’s typically sincere and the client went to extra effort to share their experience… we are eternally grateful for the clients who have taken the time to review Mannequin!

Reviews can help to tell you so much more than just the words written in them. TRY THIS: click on a review and check out the person who reviewed the band. A band who gets praise for being awesome from a client who wanted a rowdy and sexually charged bar band is not the same as one who paid top dollar for a luxury wedding band ~ The luxury band client wants a band that is proficient will all ages crowds or a variety of styles and genres while the bar band client might want more of a loose, adult style of performance ~ you’ll want to be sure that you are looking at a band who excels in the kind of entertainment you are looking for. They’ll have had clients similar to you or that are holding events similar to yours 🙂 It only takes seconds and it’s a great way to have confidence in your choice.

Live Music in Denver Colorado ~ Reviews for Mannequin

Pam Zola

Pam Zola – Google Reviews

“Mannequin the Band is fantastic! Live music can be so high energy and they are evidence of that. They get the entire wedding on their feet until the very end. As a wedding planner, I highly recommend them from an emcee/music standpoint as well as from a professionalism standpoint. They were exceptional to work with.”
“I wanted to reach out to you and let you know what an amazing time we had on Saturday night. I have heard from multiple people that they cannot remember having so much fun at a work event. I could not have imagined that the night could have gone any better and a large part of the success was due to you and Mannequin as a whole. You had the house rocking from the moment you stepped on stage and I will be recommending you guys to anyone looking for a band!”  — Halley Sutera | GHX


“It was great to meet you guys and I will recommend you to everyone that needs a band. You guys were so easy to work with and did exactly what we wanted. Thank you for being on top of things and making it so easy on us. Alan, you did a great at being the MC. You have a way of working crowds.” — Katie and Taylor McBride | Estes Park


THANKS to these brides and planners, and so many more!! Our 2017 reviews made our hearts grow three sizes:) Please go ahead now and take a minute to read our online reviews ~ And then, if you have any questions about working with Mannequin, contact us!!

I the event that you do reach out to us, or any other band, here’s a list of helpful questions you can ask to make sure we (or they) are the BEST possible fit for your big day!!!

Here are some helpful questions to ask potential bands:

  1. Are you available?
  2. Do you have extensive experience with weddings? How many? How often?
  3. Will you contract the date and guarantee not to double book or take something bigger?
  4. Can we see videos of you playing?
  5. Will you provide references and full cost details up front before knowing my budget?
  6. Is there a full song list we can look at?
  7. Can we request songs be learned if they aren’t on your song list, and is there a charge?
  8. What is your wedding attire?
  9. If you play bars, what is different about your event and all-ages shows?
  10. Are there pricing options? Larger band? Smaller band?
  11. How long will you play?
  12. Are there travel expenses.
  13. What if we want more time, encores, etc?
  14. Can you play CDs on breaks?
  15. Do you bring lights and sound?
  16. Can you emcee the reception?
  17. What is your cancellation Policy?


We hope this helps you find and hire live music in Denver or anywhere else in Colorado, and of course we are a Denver wedding band ourselves and are happy to talk to you about playing your wedding:) All the best ~ Mannequin