How to be an Entertainer ~ 6 of 6 – Singing in a Studio

By March 2, 2015BLOG, Singing Tips
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In this series, “Singing on Stage”, I go over 6 invaluable elements to showmanship and how they work to comprise a great show. I’ll also offer tips along with each ~

Part 1 ~ Singing on stage
Part 2 ~ Singing in character
Part 3 ~ Remembering lyrics
Part 4 ~ Overcome any stage fright
Part 5 ~ Sing with a band
Part 6 ~ Singing in a studio


Singing in a studio

Alan Currens, Mannequin the Band

Alan Currens, Mannequin

Before you go into a studio, verify you know precisely what you’re going to do. Don’t anticipate winging it! Don’t go under prepared or unrehearsed, its an affront to your band mates and its embarrassing to everyone! On the off chance that you do need to make creative choices while recording, make them rapidly – if time proves it to have been wrong, so be it. The most terrible thing you can do is lounge around dithering and requesting ideas and thoughts. This simply tells everybody that they have hired the wrong singer:)

While doing a live recording you need to heighten everything. Individuals won’t have the capacity to see your face, so all that you’re conveying needs to go over in the sound. Blemishes and vocal glitches or cracks are exacerbated under the magnifying glass of a recording studio. Prior to your session, work on singing your material into any recording gear you can get – you’ll hear the bad stuff easily enough.

A typical error is to stick around for a really long time in the studio before singing, talking and waiting. Wearing out your voice, getting hungry, etc. On the day of, keep away from tea and espresso, as these will dry out you. Take breaks. Visualize singing your parts well. Relax. Drink water.

There’s normally almost no reverberation in the studio; it can be a really dead sound. There are also no people to interact with, no one to share the emotion of the song with. I close my eyes while singing and I go to where ever I need to be in my mind to deliver the right emotions or intensities.

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