FAQ – Most common questions we hear when booking a wedding band ~

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Amanda Ray, Dana Wield, Rock Smallwood

Amanda Ray, Dana Wield, Rock Smallwood

Are you shopping for a wedding band?

Here are some notes I’ve acquired over the years that may help. Of course, if you are having a wedding, we’d like you to consider Mannequin, but even if you don’t we hope there’s something in these notes that’ll help you along in the process ~


What criteria is most important when considering a band?

When we are asked this, I usually say something like – MANNEQUIN has a great song list and is the only show band in the Midwest that I know of to have been founded on the basis of vocal talent FIRST. That means that this band can bring the big harmonies and exciting vocal parts that are often missing in live performances! Think “Motown” and remember the amazing vocal work of the Spinners or the Supremes… Same with modern hits by the likes of Bruno Mars or other really well produced artist. Mannequin looks and sounds fantastic and because our life is built around what we do and how we do it on your big day, we promise to make you look fantastic for booking us!

Manneqin, Rock, Dana, Alan, Justin, Amanda

From left: Rock, Dana, Alan, Justin, Amanda

Do You have any inside secrets to share with someone shopping for a band?

Just that you need to SEE a band to hire them. Don’t just watch a video…. videos are doctored with edits, effects and studio recorded sound. It’s not a real indicator of how the band will REALLY look and sound live. Ask the band if you can see them perform or come to a rehearsal… or skype like we do, if they are the real deal, they’ll love the idea and accommodate you!

Where’s Mannequin’s Video?

Where’s the video??? To which we say, “good question”. We stumbled upon what may be the most fun and unique way to let a client see us – let me explain. We started getting calls to play weddings, but had no video to show. Necessity being the mother of invention, we just said “Hey, why don’t we just skype you directly into a live rehearsal. You can meet the band, hear us and see us perform live! It worked! People seem to love the idea, I know we do! We get to meet people and even have an audience for parts of our rehearsal which is a blast.

We were told by one client, “I like that I wasn’t watching another video. It seems too easy for the band to “cheat” and look and sound better than they really might be live. But NOT with the skyping! That was truly awesome! Thanks.”

fyi – Mannequin Skypes our clients right into a live rehearsal so they can see the un-doctored product:)

Rock, Alan, Dana, Amanda, Justin, Jerry. Mannequin

Rock, Alan, Dana, Amanda, Justin & Jerry. Mannequin

What do you like most about your job?

Live performance is our passion! Your happiness, good times and memories are 100% of our focus, and truly an honor to be a part of. Mannequin values our talent… and we truly honor your time.

What important information should we have thought through before seeking out a band?

Are you hiring a band to show up and perform… or do you want to hire entertainers to be a part of your special day. It’s very different, these two things. Some bands are just tired musicians who really only bring their ability to play… others really live for the privileged to be a part of your big event or day! We say, meet the people. See them. Hear them. After all, they have the potential to MAKE OR BREAK the memory of your event!

Why is there a complicated pricing system for your service?

The band is one price.. it’s additional for travel, sound equipment, lights, etc… People often need that explained, but every gig is different so we really can’t just give a flat rate. Our base price for just the band (6 piece) locally in Denver is between 2000$ and 2600$ per day or evening and we typically play 2 to 3 hours material depending on the venue or event requirements.

Our final advice for a customer looking to hire a Wedding Band?

AGAIN! Just that you need to SEE and meet a band before you hire them.

Mannequin, a Denver Wedding and Cover Band

Mannequin, a Denver Wedding and Cover Band

Do you have a favorite story?

They are ALL good. We LOVE what we do! We LOVE the people and we LOVE the events.

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