Dress, Conduct & Gear Policies

RED indicates strategic & confidential MQ policy

IMPORTANT: Mannequin Productions is an upper-teir performance group. We seek high profile clients and a very discerning clientele. As a result of these things, we are entering into new and higher performance standards.

Our dress, our conduct and our gear management (and the handling of it) is crucial to our reputation. Every member of the band and crew is a direct reflection of our value and thus, can effect the clients we attract and the overall prices we are able to charge. Of course, the performance and production may be the ultimate “product”, but of the best bands, it will be the band that a client, planner, vendor or fellow vendor “likes” to work with that they will refer.

So it can truly be said that we all have a direct affect on each other’s future adventures and income with Mannequin Productions. An unpleasant incident or a regretful outburst can tarnish our reputation more than a missed note or forgotten lyric. In fact, mistakes on stage only matter as much as our response indicates. Because we have seen all of this manifest and the consequences that occur from such things, we have a near-zero tolerance policy regarding dress, conduct and gear management.

A NOTE ABOUT LOAD IN – At load in, the only other people there are often the most important people we will see all day. At least in regards to future referrals and reputation. The planners, venue coordinators, other vendors and more often than not, the clients will appear for a walk through or to do photos in the area. Not all bands are aware of things like this, and so the load in time is one of the things that has become a strategic advantage to Mannequin ~ We are hyper aware of these key people in the area and dress and conduct ourselves in a way that will make them confident in referring us to other key people or clients.


Musicians: We have certain styles that we market and within those styles, we have differing degrees of informal to formal. Dana is in charge of styles and dress code. There are Pinterest boards you can view upon request and we’ll have more info up on this page before 2018. Here are some general guidelines for dress on the day of an event.

Load in – Even though this is load in, you are representing yourself and Mannequin Productions. Be conscious of that when packing for a Mannequin trip.

Shorts – If you’d like to wear shorts to load in, they should be clean shorts of a solid neutral color (khaky, gray, black, white, brown, tan, beige, or pastel), cargo or straight leg shorts are ok, shorts can not be too tight or too casual (please don’t wear skater or suffer shorts, but if you do they must be a solid neutral color.

Pants – blue jeans ok, not torn or ragged. Black is always better if jeans.

T-Shirts – no graphic t-shirts, solid colors only.

Button shirts – always ok, solid neutral colors. Long or short sleeve ok.

Personal hygiene – Person must be clean, well groomed. For example, do not look disheveled or as if you had a long hard night. Look fresh and happy to be there.

Performance There are set styles (pending the Sept 27 photo shoot for 2018), Pinterest  boards and Dana Wield will guide you to a personal wardrobe for Mannequin shows. All clothes must be wrinkle-free and clean! Shoes must be clean or polished.

Crews: Techs and crew members will dress in neutral tones (grays & blacks) and should always be presentable from the time they arrive until they leave the property of a Mannequin Event. Load in is especially important for reasons stated above in A Note About Load In.

Load in – same as musicians load in – but remember, you may not get to go to the green room to change and so wearing the right pants is smart. Black jeans are best. If you do not dress performance ready for load in (which is understandable), be sure your clothes are something you can change into quickly in the restroom if needed.

Performance – Nice dress, but appropriate for working in. You might still need to hustle, move something heavy or trouble shoot a power issue so being practical is encouraged. All black or dark gray. Dress pants, nice shoes that you can move well in, button shirts. Long hair must be worn back. Well groomed beard or clean shaven.



Musicians and Crews:

No Smoking on premises of event – There is no smoking permitted anywhere on the property of an event. This is non-negotiable. You are not to be seen smoking by anyone on property of an event.

No Drinking – DO NOT DRINK THE GUEST ALCOHOL. It is never acceptable for a member of any Mannequin band or crew to drink prior to a gig or during a performance. Mannequin members are not in the business of getting free drinks. These are not to be treated like bar gigs. It may seem harmless to have a drink from the open bar… but if anything has gone wrong in the evening, our presence at the bar WILL be used against us.

Only after your work is entirely done and you are off premises are you allowed to partake in any alcoholic beverage unless offered by Mannequin owners or the wedding planner.

Food – DO NOT EAT THE GUEST FOOD unless this is specifically the plan. Always ask Dana or Alan before eating the guest food, even if it seems painfully obvious that it should be ok. We have a contract that specifies what, when and where we eat and we do not want to appear to scavenge or sneak food. If you are prone to needing snacks, bring them.

Desserts – DO NOT EAT THE GUEST DESERTS unless this is specified in advance. Even then, only take deserts after the guest have left and we have permission.¬†lways ask Dana or Alan before eating the guest desserts, even if it seems painfully obvious that it should be ok. I’ll repeat ~ We have a contract that specifies what, when and where we eat and we do not want to appear to scavenge or sneak food. If you are prone to needing sweets or desserts, bring them.

Pot – Never before an event load in or performance or on premises of an event. ESPECIALLY do not partake if you are invited by a guest. No pot cookies, no smoking, no nothing. Pot directly effects your performance in a negative way. Period.

Communication – MQ personnel are always courteous and helpful. Polite, bright and positive. It’s part of our brand. If you are having a grumpy day, please avoid contact with planners, venue persons or guest:) Thanks! No profanity is to be used on premises of any Mannequin Event.

Greenroom – all of the same conduct policies for an event apply when in the green room. Green room is to be left clean.



NO CASES can be left anywhere near the performance area or in the same room as the performance area. Do not try to hide them, remove them from the room! Period!

NO CLOTHING should be present other than what you are wearing.

NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed on stage at all, ever. Not even during load in or sound check. The stage is not a dining area, it’s a work area with expensive and sensitive electronics. No Food or Drink allowed other than bottled water with the lid on.

NO BACKPACKS or other carrier bags left laying about the stage area.


NO EXTRA CABLES are to be visible after set up.

NO SITTING DURING DANCE BAND SET – unless you are Parker Murphy or the drummer, you should never be seated during a performance. Exceptions are; using a stool as a prop for guitar or singer, choreography, sitting on edge of larger stage for show or impact.



Leave it better and cleaner than you found it. Pick up your own trash and empty water bottles. NEVER leave it for Alan, the soundman or others to clean up. This is not only an issue of professionalism, it’s about respect of fellow band mates and the venue.