Hiring the band for a wedding is a really big deal! Don’t ever underestimate the importance of a good band when it comes to making the memories truly last a lifetime for your guest!

Is the band the kind of people you’d invite to your wedding?

If not, why PAY them to be there!?

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If you are like most people, you have never hired a band… and after your wedding you’ll probably never hire another one, right? Hopefully this guide can help for now!

The first question to ask is, what makes a good wedding band? Well, in terms of a wedding reception, it’s a band that can pack the dance floor. And that means appealing to a BROAD range of ages and musical taste! So, hiring a tribute band to Disco, or the 80’s or some other thing means you’ll be alienating most of your guest. You need to hire a band that does it all! From what the kids like to what your grandparents like… but in a way that everyone enjoys everything they hear! It’s truly a science to be a great wedding band. And what a fun science it is!

So, to be clear… Just because you love the 80s or disco or the Beatles, doesn’t mean that a tribute band is a good idea.

Talk to wedding planners. They’ll know of referrals. Research online, try to find videos or listen to tracks and if possible, GO WATCH THE BAND!

The next idea might be to just ask your friends who they used. Just remember, they may not have hired the right band for your wedding.

Next – talk to the band. You can learn a lot about a band by how friendly they are on the phone (or how NOT friendly). If you don’t like them on the phone… Trust your gut! You’re not going to like them in person ~ An if they are distant and business like on the phone, they’ll be sterile and businesslike on stage. It’s just something I’ve learned over the years. When it comes to wedding bands, you CAN judge the book by it’s cover.

Denver Wedding Band – Guide To Hire A Band

Think of it like this – Is the band the kind of people you’d invite to your wedding? If not, WHY HIRE THEM TO BE THERE!?

Here are some helpful questions to ask potential bands:

Are you available?
Do you have experience with weddings?
Will you contract the date and guarantee not to double book or take something bigger?
Can we see a video of you playing?
Can you provide references?
Can we see a full song list?
Can we request songs be learned if they aren’t on your song list?
What is your wedding attire?
What is your cost?
Are there pricing options? Larger band? Smaller band?
How long will you play?
Are there travel expenses.
What if we want more time, encores, etc?
Can you play CDs on breaks?
Do you bring lights and sound?
Can you emcee the reception?
What is your cancellation Policy?


We hope this helps, and of course we are a Denver wedding band ourselves and are happy to talk to you about playing your wedding:) All the best ~ Mannequin


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