Cabo San Lucas Weddings with Mannequin’s Event Band!

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MANNEQUIN FOR CABO SAN LUCAS WEDDINGS ~ because we travel the world, we are adept to performing in foreign countries with the same high energy, dance floor packing show we are known for. Back-line arrangements and portability are specialties of Mannequin, and that’s crucial when booking a band for your special event. We are designed to travel light, but bring the full impact to the stage!

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About Cabo San Lucas Weddings ~ Planning a destination wedding in the paradise of Cabo San Lucas is a great idea! The turquoise sea-water of the Sea of Cortez and stark natural beauty of the pacific deep blue and the sun-drenched beaches create a breathtaking backdrop. It’s not a long flight from most major U.S. gateways, so it’s convenient. And the warm weather and luxurious accommodations will “wow” you and your guest. And make a week of it with great activities like golf, gourmet dining, fishing and a fantastic nightlife.

Destination events are our specialty. Call today to check availability or email us here. Since we book long into the future, don’t wait to call or email! We’d love to learn more about your event.


When we ask our guest what they remember most about an event or wedding, we inevitably hear “the awesome party!”. Mannequin understands that the entertainment you book can either make or break the event. And a cheesy band or one that is too loud, or an emcee who just isn’t “bringing it” can really tank an otherwise perfect event. This is why budgeting for amazing entertainment, like Mannequin’s globe trotting band, should always be foremost in your planner’s agenda!

We take our job very seriously, and when working with Mannequin, we take the reigns in planning the entertainment structure of the evening, whilst making sure the focus and energy is where it needs to be. Our client’s needs and establishing the flow of the event is our priority and we have a few tools and techniques that have made this seamless.