Best Live Bands for Utah, Mannequin!

Best Live Bands for Utah, Mannequin

Best Live Bands for Utah, Mannequin

Best Live Bands for Utah, Hire Mannequin ~ Quite often, really great event bands are booked so far in advance that they are not available for your date. At times like this, agencies look to their depth of talent, their “roster” of truly great bands. There’s never more than a handful and we are proud to say that Mannequin. Wedding bands book far in advance and the more popular weekends or holidays fill up quickly… We in Mannequin often experience bookings that are as far out as 18 months. The trick is to have as many quality bands as possible to choose from. Utah is in close enough proximity to Denver that Mannequin can be considered one of those bands for your event:) When you factor in that Mannequin travels the world and is adept to performing anywhere in the United States, Mexico and even foreign countries, we become a viable option! And when we do travel, it’s always with the signature high energy show we have come to be known for!

For events as near to our back yard as Utah, we can provide our entire “road show”, complete with stage, p.a., lights, etc… or we can use local resources to back line our instruments and p.a. Being flexible and proficient at this is what makes being portable a specialty of Mannequin’s. That is a crucial consideration when booking an out of town band for your special event. Give us a call, we are designed to travel light, but bring the full impact of our show to the stage!

It’s all built into our Utah Weddings package pricing:) Learn more now 214-289-7273

About Utah Weddings & Events ~ things for your visiting guest to do during visit ~ So many great things to do, and beautiful terrain. Are your guest out-doorsy? Then  you’ll want to tell them to book an extra week and make a vacation of your wedding. Hike, bike, site see or just drive around!! And we’ve heard there are many awesome restaurants… but haven’t had the time to check them out while there:) Check out this awesome website:

Destination events and traveling are our specialty in Mannequin. It always has been and we would love the chance to enhance your day by hosting the reception’s dance party. Call today to check availability or email us here. Since we book long into the future, don’t wait to call or email! We’d love to learn more about your event.

WHY MANNEQUIN Wedding Bands for Salt Lake City Utah?

When we ask our guest what they remember most about an event or wedding, we inevitably hear “the awesome party!”. Mannequin understands that the entertainment you book can either make or break the event. And a cheesy band or one that is too loud, or an emcee who just isn’t “bringing it” can really tank an otherwise perfect event. This is why budgeting for amazing entertainment, like Mannequin’s globe trotting band, should always be foremost in your planner’s agenda!

We take our job very seriously, and when working with Mannequin, we take the reigns in planning the entertainment structure of the evening, whilst making sure the focus and energy is where it needs to be. Our client’s needs and establishing the flow of the event is our priority and we have a few tools and techniques that have made this seamless.